Study: Brands Turning To Digital Asset Management For Omni-Channel Success

More than 85% of marketing leaders will invest in creating omnichannel experiences next year.

We know it’s an omni-channel world now, for consumers and marketers. And a recent Forrester Research study commissioned by ESKO and MediaBeacon reveals these key facts: 85% of brands surveyed across North America and Europe plan to invest more in omnichannel experiences in 2017; and these firms understand how important a digital asset management (DAM) solution is to driving ROI for these key investments.

Five Ways To Drive Marketing In 2017

How to drive your marketing in 2017

The Search Engine Journal's Twitter audience poll found that 71 percent of participants plan to spend more on digital marketing this year compared to 2016. Maybe you’re not surprised that digital marketing will continue its growth, but these additional realities about your own business could surprise you: More initiatives mean a greater burden on your marketing and analytics processes, and how you respond could be the difference between sluggish results and surging growth.

A growing budget contributes to more moving parts. It is vital to ensure the right data is collected and organized in order to maintain, and even improve, efficiency.

So as you grow your budgets, also grow your efforts to streamline in order to take full advantage of the new efforts. Here are five ways.

What Value Does An Award Winning Producer See In DAM?

what value does an award winning producer see in DAM?

In a recent video, Nick Felder, Group Director, Film & Music Production for the Global/Corporate Divisions at Coca-Cola, sat down and discussed the importance DAM plays within Coca-Cola. It's easy to see how the concepts Felder mentions apply beyond and into organizations of all sizes in any industry.

Don’t Reinvent Creative Work, Repurpose It: DAM’s Value For Creatives

Don’t Reinvent Creative Work, Repurpose It: DAM’s Value for Creatives

We think the person who coined the saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel” was a creative. Maybe she didn’t know about Creative Suite or digital storage, but she knew the frustration of having to re-create an asset from scratch, unnecessarily.

That problem still plagues creative departments and their brands today, and it costs big: time, money, brand consistency and the opportunity for even better creative. But digital asset management (DAM) offers a profound solution.

How To Start Using Big Data In DAM

How To Start Using Big Data In DAM

Big Data. We’ve all read reports that the majority of companies plan to incorporate it into their marketing plan in the near future, or already have. Maybe your organization is one of the many who are making the improvement. But how useful is Big Data in the enterprise and how can you start implementing it into your workflow today? And, more importantly, how does a Big Data strategy fit into digital asset management?

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