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Digital & Marketing Asset Management With Unparalleled Project Management Capabilities

Customer Logos

Drive Speed To Market

speed to market

Project Management

Complete project management feature set helps automate business process workflows

Control and move along approval processes

Maintains an audit log of assets, approvals and more

Asset Markup

Powerful markup allows annotations and discussions on each asset

Bring attention to specific parts of an asset with markup tools

40% time reduction across the entire design lifecycle process.

Elevate Consumer Experiences

42% of marketing leaders struggle with physical and digital touchpoint consistency.
More than 85% of marketing leaders will invest in creating omnichannel experiences next year.

We know it’s an omni-channel world now, for consumers and marketers. And a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ESKO and MediaBeacon reveals these key facts: 85% of brands surveyed across North America and Europe plan to invest more in omnichannel experiences in 2017; and these firms understand how important a digital asset management (DAM) solution is to driving ROI for these key investments. Learn More >

Achieve Omnichannel Consistency

omni-channel consistency with lumi product

Social Posting

Send your content straight to popular social platforms right from the DAM

Asset Access

Centralized asset repository to drive work in progress and finished asset usage

Download assets in the resolution and formats you need

Lower Your Operating Costs

Lower costs

Vetted Content

Reduce costs associated with errors or redundancies from misprints, incorrect info and more

Feed text and content into InDesign and lock it from edits, keeping it vetted and accurate, while allowing creatives to design

DRM tools allow content to be shown to those who need it and can present usage notices prior to download


Measure social post performance

Visualize asset utilization

Tie other data systems into DAM to associate metrics back to your assets

Build Your Brand

These efficiencies allow you to evolve and create more quickly, allowing larger potential for growth

Consistency and matching information across your distribution channels decreases consumer confusion


Digital Asset Management

Centrally store all of your digital content in a single repository that helps drive work in progress and find needed content quickly.

Digital Rights & Licensing

Ensure embargo dates are enforced, terms of use are agreed to and users only see the assets they need.

Enterprise Sync & Share

Allow Creatives to work on their desktop without the need of ever having to use the DAM. Files are seamlessly synced in the background.


Forms collect detailed scope and requirements of the marketing or packaging need, ensuring the resulting content is correct.

Process Management

Mirroring existing business processes, the system automatically gets tasks to the right person, at the right time for completion. Any tasks that can be done without human intervention are taken care of automatically.


Review, mark up, and approve files in 3D or 2D and compare versions for clarity.

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