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Mobile Review & Approval

Mobile review and approval on phone and tablet.

On-The-Go Asset Management

Busy schedules no longer need to get in the way of your brand’s product or campaign launches.

Approve From Anywhere

Whether you're away from your desk on a business trip or vacation, you can now review & approve assets with a simple tap from your tablet or phone.

Deny & Comment

Let's face it, sometimes an asset needs further editing and comments. When needed, add your comments to the discussion prior to rejecting it.

Intuitive Single Asset View

Intuitively view your assets and their metadata simultaneously.

Beautiful Assets

Adaptive preview size to beautifully display your assets in the available window space.

Clean Metadata

New intelligent metadata view has multi-column metadata display and shows only populated fields.

Quick Actions

Easily download, share and add assets to your basket directly from the asset view.

Beautiful User Interface, Landing Pages & Portals

Simple, Yet Powerful, Search

Find what you want quickly and easily. The same unrivaled search, simpler.

Full Browser Carousel

Beautifully display your featured assets to showcase campaigns to everyone.

Portals For Every Use

Portals provide an easy way to share assets with your dealers, suppliers and wholesalers.

Upgrade, Simply

Upgrading MediaBeacon from previous versions has never been so easy!

Easy Upgrade

Go ahead, take the step. It's easier than ever to upgrade. Learn More »

What You Need, When You Need It

Easily download the right format for the right use.

Download Formats

Now it's even easier to download an asset in various formats.

MediaBeacon now features accordion style widget menus.

Accordion Menus

Accordion menus allow sections to be collapsed and opened, providing a cleaner experience.

Reimagined Drag-and-Drop Workflow Engine

Adding a node in MediaBeacon's new visual workflow editor.

Powerful Workflows

MediaBeacon's powerful workflows just got even easier to implement and edit.

Drag & Drop Visual Editor

Configure workflows by dragging-and-dropping nodes into the editor.

Social Media & Asset Performance Connector

Post to Social Media

Maintain brand consistency by posting assets directly to your social networks.

Visual Indicators

See which assets are posted to social media and on which networks.


Analyze how social content is performing with MediaBeacon Metrics.

Metrics Enhancement

Smart Analytics

Use Metrics and Analytics to drive your content strategy and gain insight into the use and value of your assets.

Export Metrics Data

Metrics data can be exported to your heart's desire.

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