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MediaBeacon, Inc. develops innovative technology and solutions that empower corporations worldwide. MediaBeacon, Inc.'s asset management solution, MediaBeacon, automates and streamlines the process of managing digital assets while controlling costs, increasing productivity, and capitalizing on return on investment.

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For over twenty years, MediaBeacon has been committed to delivering best-in-class Digital Asset Management (DAM). We Innovate. We Partner and Collaborate. We Deliver.

In fact, innovation is the foundation of our identity. Through Partnership with our Customers, we empower them to deliver their vision globally from concept to consumer. Our Digital and Marketing Asset Management solution enables this through powerful workflows, best-in class asset management and analytics for both digital and physical assets.

Danaher PID platform company logos include: Esko, MediaBeacon, Pantone, X-Rite, VideoJet.

As part of Esko, a member of Danaher’s Product Identification (PID) Platform, we have the solution and the Team to help you create, manage, publish and analyze your assets. We are passionate about our Team, who realizes that our Customer’s success is our success.


MediaBeacon (originally named BrighTech) was founded in 1989 by Jason Bright.

As technology and the Internet developed, BrighTech branched out to banking, printing, communications, process management, and custom solutions. BrighTech began focusing on DAM with the Digital Asset Management Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was a vehicle to get the attention of the DAM vendor community. BrighTech realized that to truly change things it would need to develop its own solution and sold the first copies what would later be called MediaBeacon in late 1995. In 1996, BrighTech selected Digital Asset Management (DAM) from its long list of possible product directions and became a DAM software solution provider. MediaBeacon adopted the product's name as a demonstration of its dedication to that market and those customers.

MediaBeacon joined Esko, part of Danaher (NYSE: DHR), in 2015. This acquisition gave Esko a world-class DAM platform. MediaBeacon benefits from Esko's global scale, structure, process and market access. Danaher has a long history of maintaining the independence and agility of companies they acquire, such as Pantone, X-Rite, Leica, Fluke, etc. while helping them transition to their next level of professional and global development.

Find out more about Esko at www.esko.com

Find out more about Danaher at www.danaher.com

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"MediaBeacon’s goal is to provide enterprise clients with a DAM strategy that will accommodate increasing demands and evolving business strategies"

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